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NOW SPORTS Multivitamin

NOW® carries an excellent array of multi-vitamin formulas.

vitamins and bodybuilding orlando flSome are formulated for specific needs, while others are general use multiples that are suitable for most individuals. Some of our formulas are designed to help minimize the daily consumption of pills, such as Special One. NOW offers many formulas in both tablet and capsule form, including products free of animal-sourced ingredients in liquids, chewables or VCaps for our vegetarian customers. Here is a quick overview of our multi-vitamin formulas:


  • Adam – This superior Men’s Multi is formulated for men of all ages. With Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Lutein and CoQ10
  • Daily Vits – an excellent overall everyday multiple, good for most individuals.
  • Eco-Green – formulated without iron, this multiple is suggested for men or others seeking an iron-free multi with added green food concentrates
  • Eve – specifically formulated for pre-menopausal adult women
  • Kid Vits – the name says it all!  A great formula for your child’s nutritional growth
  • Liquid Multi Gels – This popular formula in a liquid-filled softgel is easy to swallow and offers fast absorption. With 9 mg of gentle iron (Ferrochel®) and a base of organic flax oil.
  • Pre-Natal – specially formulated for women in their child-bearing years
  • Special One – a great one tablet per day formula
  • Special Two – our most popular multiple, especially good for young men or women
  • Vit Min 75+ Iron Free – our popular Vit Min 75+ without iron, specifically for men or post-menopausal women

Why do your multi-vitamins contain such small amounts of Potassium?
Based on protecting users of certain drugs, the FDA has issued regulations that prohibit dietary supplement manufacturers from exceeding 99mg of potassium in a dietary supplement.  For proper potassium intake, consult a certified nutritionist or your doctor.
Have you done any studies on the bioavailability of your ADAM multivitamin?
Each type of tablet that we sell is tested to insure proper disintegration.  This special attention is given to tablets because their ingredients and hardness are more difficult to control than standard gelatin capsules or Vcaps that have more standard disintegration times.

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